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Jun 4, 2020

Tyler Turnipseed, former Chief Game Warden, served the Nevada Division of Wildlife for more than 20 years.  We take a look back at his career with NDOW, the legacy he's leaving behind, and what's in store for his future. He also gives some great advice to those looking to become a game warden.

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Here's What We Discuss:

  • Chief NDOW
  • Swiss Name Origin
  • Drinking from a Fire Hose
  • A Game Warden Family Friendly
  • The 80s
  • Working in the Middle of Nowhere
  • Public Lands and High Desert
  • 31 Field Level Wardens
  • Slow Down, Sit, Watch, Observe
  • Cops, Crooks, Critters and Cases
  • Covert Ops, Elvis is in the Building
  • Jail Time for a Wildlife Case
  • First Felony Case in Nevada
  • Wildlife in Nevada
  • Las Vegas, Prostitution, Gambling
  • Drunks and Drugs
  • 9 Species of Big Game and Elk Explosion
  • Nevada Only State with 3 Species of Big Horn 
  • A Fed Bear is a Dead Bear
  • DNA Testing for Problem'd Bears
  • Buck and Bull Ratios
  • Won't Get Rich but Side Benefits are Great

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