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May 7, 2020

Rick Wilcox, has served as the president of the North Conway-based volunteer Mountain Rescue Service for over 40 years.  The organization provides manpower and expertise in environments and terrain beyond the scope of most rescue agencies — from the cliffs of Cathedral, Whitehorse and Cannon ledge to the summits of the Presidential Range in wintertime. MRS has been involved in over 500 rescues, bolstering state Fish and Game and U.S. Forest Service personnel in the most extreme of circumstances.

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Here's What We Discuss:

  • The Cliffs
  • A Specialized Tactical Team
  • Above the Treeline
  • Foolish Not to Call Rick
  • Bring in the Black Hawk
  • Fud and Echo Lake
  • Winter Searches
  • Brian Abrahms, Frozen Solid
  • Training with GPS
  • Helpful Tech, and Trouble Blanket
  • UMASS Amherst, College Loan Expedition
  • Alps and Andes 1971
  • Ice Climbing, Snow Ranger
  • Mt Washington, Not Taken Seriously
  • Tinkham, Top Doesn't Matter, Getting Down Does
  • Hike the Notch Instead During Bad Weather
  • Plan to Be Overnight
  • You Become the Rescue Team as a Hiker
  • 1986 Over 26,000 Feet
  • Increasing Red Blood Cells
  • Permit for Everest 1991, Falling 2000 Feet Avalanche
  • One Bottle of Oxygen
  • First East Coast Climbers to Summit Everest
  • Into Thin Air, 10 Miles of Rope
  • $12,000 to the Goverment, $50,000 Bond
  • A Wait to Tuckermans, Mt Adams No Lines
  • Mt Jefferson
  • The Auto Road
  • Charging for a Rescue - Stupid VS Reckless
  • Jobs and Volunteers
  • Let Em Got
  • Ropes and High Angles
  • Mt Cannon Rescues and Grease
  • Type A Personalities, Saying Yes or No
  • Katahdin 

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