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Nov 21, 2019

In a case that took 2.5 year to investigate through a special operations division of the Ohio Department of Natural Resources, Ron Ollis and his team were able to take down the largest poaching crime ring enterprise in Ohio history.  It required intense ground work and undercover efforts and a clever prosecutor to convict using the RICO (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations) Laws, typically used in large scale crime ring investigations an prosecutions.

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Here's What We Discuss:

  • The TIP program
  • Turn In a Poacher
  • 2.5 Year Wildlife Investigation
  • Operation North Coast
  • $18/lb Perch, and Great Lakes Fishery
  • Biggest Case in Ohio History
  • That Neighborhood Guy, A Thorn
  • Wildlife Crime, and Drug Crime Go Hand in Hand
  • Illegal Check In, Electronic Crime
  • RICO Statutes, An Enterprise Crime for Profit
  • Communications Fraud, Theft from State of Ohio
  • Restitution for Trophy Animals
  • Deer Meat Wrapped Not for Sale
  • Lots of Moonshine
  • Hunters, Talkers, Braggers
  • Multiple Bucks in a One Buck State
  • Antlers and Smokies
  • Money Laundering, Game Violations
  • 270lbs of Deer Meat and Only 2 Tags
  • 48 Deer Mounts, in a 1 Buck State
  • A Diary and Sales List
  • Non Hunters Checking Deer
  • Pictures and Text Messages
  • Size of Deer to Deer Meat Ratios
  • A Special Prosectuor
  • Instead of a Bunch of Misdemeanors, Go RICO
  • No Hunters on Grand Jury
  • The Lorraine Case - Selling on Craiglist
  • A Police Officer, Fraud, Theft, Electronic Crimes

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