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Sep 26, 2019

Todd Szewczyk is a retired Sargent with NH Fish and Game.  Todd shared a similar timeline as Wayne did and has many colorful stories to tell about life on the job as a Game Warden.  We cover a near death experience, snorkeling for pagers, and a new phenomenon -investigation using Facebook.

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Maine's Operation Game Thief

Here's What We Discuss:

  • The End of a Career
  • Balance
  • Col Joel Wilkinson - Maine Warden Service
  • Rochester, New York 'til Age 12
  • A Vet, Too Much School
  • University of New Hampshire Wildlife Management
  • Special Agents Have Good Stories
  • Black Eyed Peas
  • A Class in 1990
  • Milford PD, The Only Fish and Game Officer
  • Painting the Camp, a Chevy Blazer
  • The One that Got Away and an Alibi
  • Mass vs NH, Muzzleloader vs Firearm vs Felon
  • Marijuana Dealer and a Search Warrant
  • The Investigator, and Lies
  • The Truth Gets the Breaks
  • He Is Freakin' Night Hunting! in a Caravan...
  • Statue of Limitations and Facebook
  • A Snow Mobile Story, A Near Death Experience
  • Hopping in the Trail, a Durable Employee
  • Sliding Like an Otter
  • Snorkeling for a Pager
  • A Mass Case, A Spot of Blood, and 4 Cases from 1
  • The Trail Camera Case, Rifle VS Shotgun
  • Kyle and Brian - The Kids of a Game Warden
  • The Alphabet

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