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Sep 12, 2019

Nick Brunson is a Nevada Fish and Wildlife Warden.  Nevada is some vast wild west territory and Nick has 9000 square miles to cover on his patrol.  With only 31 Warden's in the state, it can be overwhelming and Nick often times will camp out as he attempts to catch a poacher instead of returning home for the night.  It's just part of the job.

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Here's What We Discuss:

  • Massive Wild West, 9000 Square Miles
  • 1st Warden Check in 20 Years
  • 31 Officers
  • Your a Cowboy, Need a Horse
  • East Vs West
  • One Tag, One Sheep
  • Sheep Pneumonia
  • Not Much Hunting Data with One Sheep Kill
  • A Flight Patrol in a Helicopter
  • Law Enforcement is Part of the Management
  • A Wildlife Case, 2 Days Surveillance
  • An Elk vs a Moose
  • The Utah and Idaho Border
  • Bold Face Lies
  • I Didn't Know I Was in Nevada
  • Lady Hunters are Finesse Hunters, Patient and Calm
  • Wardens Detect 1% of Crime
  • Can't Be Everywhere
  • A Poached Deer Concealed in Brush
  • Easier to Stay and Camp
  • If You Kill It Use It
  • Crime Along the Border
  • A Migration from Idaho
  • An Outstanding Wife
  • No Cell Signals
  • A Little Piece of Gods Country
  • Get Wild in Nevada, Not Just Vegas


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