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Jul 11, 2019

Eric Fluette covers the north east region of New Hampshire and is the operator handler for K-9 Moxie. This is the first of a two part interview.  We discuss the beginning of Eric's career, to Alaska, to the seacoast of NH and eventually to northern New Hampshire.  And we tell a few great stories too.

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Here's What We Discuss:

  • K-9 Moxie
  • History and the Colonel Jordan of the Worlds
  • Don't Forget the Teeth
  • We Can't Remember Everyone
  • The Swiss Army Knife
  • Matt Holmes District One
  • NH Big Woods, Alaska Fisheries
  • A Two Prop Plane, Cases of Beer
  • A Thicker Sleeping Bag, Smolt Traps
  • An LL Bean Package
  • Salmon Salmon Salmon
  • Brown Bears vs Grizzly Bears
  • A Life Line
  • Becoming a Conservation Officer
  • Seascoast District 6 to Erroll
  • Protecting a Natural Resource
  • First Shooter Night Poacher
  • Throwing the Lobster Gauge in the Snow
  • Lobster Poaching and Proving the Case
  • Watching
  • Coastal Binos are Bigger
  • DEET Eats Rubber
  • Josiah Alewives
  • $2000 per Pound
  • Mark Hensel, The Mill Buildings and the Lamprey
  • A $6800 Fine in Cash
  • A Chunked Up Tuna
  • The Feds Beyond 3 Miles
  • We Don't Make the Laws, We Enforce Them
  • Cod and Striper - A Resource Story
  • Coming Up Next: Eric Fluette Part II

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