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Mar 3, 2019

Join me Game Warden Wayne Saunders and other game wardens on our adventures protecting wildlife saving lives and having fun while serving the public and the natural resources of our planet. Hear the tales and experiences of those the work in the outdoors while being entertained with tails the you will barely believe about the encounters with poachers, wildlife investigations, murder investigations, near death experiences search and rescues missions wildlife interactions from Game Wardens around the county and the world. Ride shot gun with me as I interview the heroes, the guardians and the stewards of the outdoors so they can tell you their stories and you can experience the adventures of being a Game Warden yourself.

I was truly blessed to have been given a direction at the age of 6-year-old and developed a passion for being a game warden that was cultivated into a successful 23 year was assigned to the most remote area of New Hampshire and fitted into a group of talented and dedicated Game wardens who trained me to be the best warden I could be. As each of those men moved on, they left a legacy with me and I hope I passed on legacy as it was given to me. When I retired several months ago, I realized I couldn't let go of that legacy but rather wanted to share the passion, the commitment and the stories of those men and women that call themselves Game Wardens.

Coming MARCH 2019!